Chris Lock

Name: Chris Lock Age: 36 Years as a trainer: 15 Specialist expertise: Sports massage, functional training, injury prevention, exercise psychology. Interests: Family,Playing golf, Running, Working out, Music and Eating out.

Darren Phippen

Name:Darren Phippen Age: 41 Years as a trainer: 13 Specialist expertise: Strength and fitness training, sports specific Interests: Sportive cycling, weight training, cinema, Bristol City FC

Ben Vaughan

Name: Ben Vaughan Age: 32 Years as a trainer: 12 Specialist expertise: strength conditioning, HIIT training, boxing specialist Interests: Cars, Liverpool FC, formula one F1, modelling, music

Kirsty Skinner

Name: Kirsty Stone Age: 28 Years as a trainer: 10 Specialist expertise: Injury rehabilitation, weight loss, core training. Interests: Running, playing hockey and football, eating out, Newcastle United

From the Blog

Welcome to the Pure monthly offers page. Each month we like to post a new deal to help potential clients try out our services at a discounted rate. This months offer: Personal training and classes offer for April For the month of April we are offering 2 personal training sessions and 3 group class sessions [...]

Posted by Chris on April 25th, 2015 at 3:21 pm

Great running/HIIT class this morning: 5 minute warm up Section 1: 10 x 30 second hill sprints/60 seconds active recovery Section 2: 7 station circuit x 3 rounds 40 seconds on/20 seconds rest Burpees Dynamic lunge Press ups 1 and 1/4 squat Mountain climber Suicide plank Bounding squats Cool down and stretch to finish Good [...]

Posted by Chris on April 23rd, 2015 at 1:11 pm

As requested from a few of our clients we have made a slight change to our Saturday morning HIIT class and made it a running specific interval session. The class will be split into 2 sections. Section 1 is a running interval session,section 2 will be a body weight circuit. The benefits of the class [...]

Posted by Chris on March 10th, 2015 at 3:36 pm

Mothers day 2015 offer at Pure in Bristol: 1 personal training session, 1 sports massage and 1 months gym membership for only £55 (normal price £112) Offer open to new members and clients only. To buy this gift for your lovely mums call us at Pure on 01179687408 or 07812572303. Be quick though, only 5 [...]

Each week at Pure we run a number of HIIT classes. These classes involve short high intense sessions using a variation of body weight exercises working the lower body,the upper body and core,and the cardiovascular system. The main purpose of these sessions is to increase our clients metabolisms to aid in their fat loss and [...]